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Saturday, January 20th, 2018 


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The lifting of commercial barriers promoted by the Brazilian government in 1994 resulted in the rapid development of international acceptance of Brazilian products, which are continuously gaining visibility and competitiveness in those markets. Today it is usual to find Brazilian products with high quality and extremely competitive prices in the most diverse markets of the world. To assist the access of foreign companies to the tremendous opportunities that Brazil offers, Unitrade focuses in finding Brazilian products desired by international corporations. Our suppliers are rigorously selected and are able to deal with hard international standards for quality, timely delivery and pricing.

Unitrade offers to international clients a fully-integrated exports service that comprises the entire process, from finding and assigning the best supplier, through controlling the quality of the merchandise, to following and ensuring the timely delivery of the merchandise. Thus, the customer can rely on the expertise of Unitrade in supporting the logistics and production, along with bureaucratic procedures for Brazilian exports. These capabilities guarantee efficiency to the export process and assures satisfaction to our customers abroad.

Unitrade also has its own professionals specialized in the different production processes. Company personnel follow the production of the goods to be exported with the suppliers, and this assures that the products being manufactured for export will be delivered on time and serves to guarantee the quality, assuring satisfaction to our international clients. In addition to our own standard quality control procedures, Unitrade also works in partnership with internationally recognized certification companies that guarantee the quality on the delivery of the merchandise.



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