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Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 


  About Us ::

Unitrade Brazil was established in 2001 to promote and intermediate worldwide exports of Brazilian products. Focusing in the excellence of services, and partnering with international clients and highly qualified local suppliers, Unitrade Brazil has already carried through significant transactions and is constantly increasing its participation in Brazilian exports. Our success has been provided by the long-standing expertise of our directors, the competent team of professionals, and our main obsession: To achieve the best results for our clients and suppliers in Brazil and abroad.

Join Unitrade and let our commitment and professionalism propel your business.

  Background ::

The company was established by two experienced professionals of the textile sector, whose careers had been marked by very successful entrepreneurial experiences and business-oriented capacity of accomplishment, both locally and abroad. The increasing competitiveness of Brazilian products, both in terms of high-quality and of truly competitive prices, has stimulated the rapid development of Unitrade, as the company expands its operations and improves the execution of its businesses. Since the beginning of its activities, the company has focused on the specific needs of each international customer, working mainly as a buyer agent.

  Mission Statement ::

Unitrade offers the best results as exports intermediary for its clients and suppliers, in Brazil and abroad, concentrating its efforts in the excellence of services, the constant development of the Brazilian foreign commerce, and the utilization of comparative advantages to provide with higher quality products at lower costs.



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